Presentation Recordings

***Please Note: Recordings are NOT Eligible for CE Credit***

Keynote: Dr. Fraser Presenting: There’s an App for That… Technology to Improve Connectivity and Build Networks of Care for Stroke

Dr. Khouri Presenting: Finding Harmony: Right Patient – Right Place

Margie Campbell Presenting: Doing it A Little Different: Contemporary Ideas to Improve Patient Outcomes

Dr. Pettigrew Presenting: New-Fangled Treatments for AFib to Prevent Stroke

Dr. Kavanaugh Presenting: Disabilities in Stroke Survivors: A Fresh Look at Current Care

Dr. Ebong Presenting: Shining a Light on Racial Disparities in Stroke

Dr. Lee Presenting: Insane in the Brain: Substance Use and the Risks of Endocarditis

Dr. Elwert Presenting: Newest Pathways in Neurorehabilitation

Dr. Han Presenting: Vascular Cognitive Impairment

Harold Brown & Casey Okong’o Presenting: Refreshing Patient Outcomes Using Unique Approaches