Stroke Recovery & After Care

Stroke Recovery After Discharge

Common to expect during recovery:

The road to recovery after stroke does not end after discharge! There are many elements that could be included in your recommended recovery plan. These can include therapy, goal setting, emotional support and even education on stroke and how to prevent another one from happening.

Know your resources!


  • Ask your health care providers questions, don’t hesitate, they want to help!
  • Know your medications, and have a plan to take them correctly. Call your pharmacy for help!
  • Keep a log of your health status to track your progress!


Continue therapy & medical follow up!

  • Improvement and recovery do not end once discharged. It is important to continue follow up appointments to help facilitate improvement!

Mythbusters of stroke recovery!

Myth: Stroke recovery only happens in the first few months after a stroke.

Fact: While most of the healing takes place in the first few months, recovery can span up to two years. And some studies suggest that people can benefit from physical therapy and other treatments a few years after a stroke originally took place.

Myth: You will never be the same after a stroke.

Fact: According to the National Stroke Association, 10 percent of people who have a stroke recover almost completely, with 25%  recovering with minor impairments- it’s possible!

Myth: The window of recovery for motor function is limited to 6 months and then “what you have is what you’ll get”.

Fact: It’s amazing that even as we know more about brain science and neuroplasticity, there are still some medical professionals that believe that there is a hard stop to motor recovery at a certain time. Cortical reorganization is at its peak shortly after a stroke, and that window of prior to 12 weeks is most promising for spontaneous recovery,  however, improvements have been shown with engaging, intense and repetitious programs, including the Smart Glove, after as many as 15 years!

Myth: Once I have a stroke, there is no way it will happen again.

Fact: Every year, more than 795,000 people in the United States have a stroke. About 610,000 of these are first or new strokes. About 185,000 strokes – nearly 1 of 4 – are in people who have had a  previous stroke.


Join a support group!

  • Joining a support group can be beneficial by:
  • Supporting good mental health
  • Aiding in Community Reintegration
  • Feeling connected to others
  • A safe space for emotion

Find a support group!

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