Stroke Care Network Overview


The Stroke Care Network’s mission is to operate for the purpose of improving the quality of care, preventative medicine, education and research into stroke and related diseases throughout our region.

Executive Strategies Council Meeting
  • Consultative/Advisory Services
  • Annual Network Summit, Included Advisory Board Meeting
  • The Stroke Times Newsletter
  • Monthly Accredited Educational Webinar Series: Comprehensive Approach to Stroke (CATS)
  • New Stroke Program Coordinator training
  • Quarterly Stroke Program Coordinator Teleconferences
  • Utilization of the power of our numbers to secure premium pricing where possible
  • Observational Opportunities
  • Individualized educational presentations (accredited)
  • Program Analysis and Strategic Advisory Services
  • Targeted education programs for EMS
Initial Program Curriculum

  • Targeted Education Programs for Physicians & Nurses
  • Stroke Community Outreach Prevention and Education (SCOPE) Program Train the Trainer
  • Deliverables Review and Systems Planning
  • Quality Improvement Training
  • Marketing/Public Awareness Collaboration

Top Five Things to Know About The Stroke Care Network

SCN is celebrating 13 years

37 affiliates covering a tri-state region

18 Disease Specific Care stroke certified centers

Community education for over 42,800 individuals

2,475 education hours provided in FY21